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Good Design Is for Everyone: The First 10 Years of PepsiCo

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The official anniversary volume celebrates how a global in-house creative force brings cutting-edge design to its iconic portfolio of food and beverage brands.

PepsiCo sets the standard for how companies can envision and create their futures. Since creating PepsiCo Design + Innovation and bringing on its first-ever Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini, in 2012, PepsiCo has emerged as a leader in design-led innovation. With more and more of the business community embracing design thinking every day, Good Design Is for Everyone is an inspiring look at how one company has done just that.

The decade-spanning collection of work invites everyone who loves creativity to explore the very best of PepsiCo Design + Innovation. Packed with immersive visuals and exclusive insights, PepsiCo: Good Design is for Everyone is an exciting deep dive into how PepsiCo harnesses human-centered design to create meaningful moments of culture and connection.

It is a must-read and the perfect gift for passionate designers, creative and business leaders, and brand marketers.

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Good Design Is for Everyone: The First 10 Years of PepsiCo
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